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Positive Change
Integration Therapy

What is PCI therapy?

PCI (positive change integration) therapy with Jen will take you from one level of life to the next by integrating the changes you want at the unconscious level.  


This will allow you to let go of what is holding you back and will guide you in creating the positive changes that you are seeking but that you haven't been able to make on your own. 


Through communication with your unconscious mind, we discover what the root cause of the problems you are experiencing is and what road-blocks are stopping you. We use change integration modalities to remove these barriers and integrate new beliefs at your unconscious level. 


Road-blocks are undesired and sabotaging behaviors or addictions, states, and limiting beliefs. For example, anxiety, depression, financial issues, insomnia, excess weight, anger, low self-esteem, prolonged negative emotional states, past traumatic events, underperforming in sport or business, and so on. These are all symptoms of something underlying in your unconscious programming. 


Once we identify these and integrate your unconscious and conscious mind to be on the same team, at the same time, then you will find you can start showing up in your life the way you want to! This will allow you to experience the happiness you deserve, do the things you want, and get rid of any sabotaging behaviors you might have adopted in your past. 

How does it work?

 PCI (positive change integration) therapy is Jen's signature method of integration between the conscious mind & the unconscious mind, bridging the gap, putting you into alignment, so the unconscious mind is on the same team as the conscious mind.


PCI therapy methods use the science of neuroplasticity blended with change work principles and practices from NLP, Time Line TherapyTM, hypnosis & the law of vibration.

As a therapist & mentor Jen helps her clients cut through their own BS, exposing and unveiling the root case and the truth behind their success or abundance blocks, sabotaging behaviours, limiting beliefs and glass ceilings.  Healing & transform them from the inside out.

PCI therapy is going to be for you IF you are TRULY ready to create the changes you want in your life  & fed up with the old BS holding you back.  Because let's face it, if you keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result, that is the definition of insanity.

To start working with Jen on changing your life and to find out if Jen is the right fit for you - fill out this online form below and Jen will contact you directly to chat with you to see what's going on & discuss the mentoring package options.

PCI therapy packages generally range from a 4 - 6 week period with a post package option for an exclusive 12month private mentorship which is capped to a limited amount of clients each year. 

This is your life, your one life, this is not a dress rehearsal, there is no rewind button, there is no pause button, time doesn't stop for anyone, this is it.  

The past can’t be changed, but you can heal & move on, the future can’t be seen, but you can decide who and how you show up.

 So, is now a good time to take control and change your life?

My reminder to you...

PCI therapy

Start working with Jen

Please take the time to fill out the information below and I will be in touch soon to have a chat about how I can help you.

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