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Jen Rieder

My life didn't necessarily take the easiest route & I have been faced with adversity & many challenges along the way and I know you have too, which makes me love what I do even more.  


I was suffering myself for many many years, scrambling to find my worth, my true inner belief & to free myself from behaviors & inner dialogue that were my worst enemy. Caught in an illusion of my disrupted up bringing equalling what I was worth, what I deserved, what I could achieve & where I did or didn't belonged.  Confused as to why I read all these self-help books and practiced all the positive things but it still felt like I was fighting a war against my deeply embedded self. No matter what I did, how many books I read, or podcasts I listened to, it felt like it was impossible to shift & have lasting change.​

Then I discovered the power & workings of the unconscious mind and how to influence it.
This has been the most powerful thing for change in my life, and I would love to share this with you!

I know how frustrating this can be and how much “bandwidth” it takes away from your life. I don’t want others to live a life like that.⁣

Leading people across the river of change, showing them there are other options and ways to live & think, creating space for people to heal who have thought that their wounds would forever weep - gets me up every morning!  I genuinely want to help people who may be suffering in areas of their life and overcome the things that have been holding them back from truly living the life they want & seeing their potential & worthiness


Today I am an experienced mentor & speaker using my signature methods of PCI therapy (Positive Change Integration) that have helped countless people make the changes they only dreamed of.  Leading, educating, and supporting clients through the process of change so that they can live their life without limiting beliefs or fears.


My goal is to bring awareness to the masses, positively change peoples lives, normalize inner work & mindset coaching, and provide accessible life-changing online resources!


When I'm taking  break from making my clients more awesome you will generally find me outside exploring what this beautiful planet has to offer, sweating it out in a Crossfit gym or geeking out with some mind-bending book learning more about human behaviour, psychology & change work. 


Just remember life isn't a dress rehearsal, THIS IS IT!  Don't wait to start to make the changes you deserve.


Jen x

Hire Jen To Speak


Master Practitioner NLP

Master Practitioner Timeline Therapy

Master Hypnotherapist

Ho’oponopono certified 

Personal Trainer


Hire Jen To Speak

I have spoken at many events covering many different health, mindset, and motivational topics. 

If you are looking for a guest speaker for your upcoming event, function, employee development then I would love to hear from you!

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