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Career Performance

Are you struggling with your career?

Are you failing to progress at work? Keep missing out on that promotion, assignment, or deal? Feel like you are stuck & not moving towards your goals? 

Maybe it's time to stop blaming the outside world, stop blaming the company, the directors, your team, your manager... Maybe it's time to look inside YOUR world. Maybe it's time to look at YOU!



Chances are the things that are holding you back probably aren't what you think they are. We need to dive deeper into who you are, hone in on what your unconscious beliefs are, and how these might be sabotaging your success in both your personal & corporate/business life. 

Remember we take ourselves everywhere we go. If you are struggling in your personal life, it probably means you are going to be struggling in your work life.

When you change YOU, you change the filters you have on the world including your relationships, your career, and your life. You will notice more opportunities, you will trust more, you will be in more flow, more creative, you will attract better outcomes and have a deeper understanding of things when they "don't go your way".

Career Performance Coaching - What's involved?

Career Performance Coaching is a 1 on 1 online coaching service, specifically customized to you. We will be working a lot with our unconscious & conscious mind - to learn more about this technique please click here

Once I have some more details about what it is you need help with & what you are hoping to achieve, I can customize a coaching package that suits your needs.  

Please enquire using the form below & I will get in touch with you ASAP to set up a free 15 minute consultation call. 

Step into your A game

It's time to...

Improve Your Performance

Your performance will only ever mirror your beliefs.  

Do you feel unworthy, insecure, inferior, unintelligent, and/or unlovable? 

When we change your core beliefs, this will be reflected in your career outcomes, personal & work relationships, your performance in & out of the office life! 

It's time to stop hindering & capping your true potential. It's time to believe that YOU are ENOUGH. Once this happens, I can guarantee your performance will improve!

Enhance Your Creativity

Do you know what you need to be creative? 

We can't be in a creative state if we are feeling stressed or in a flight or fight mode. This promotes fear, which is great for a life or death situation, but creativity isn't born in this state. 

Creativity comes from having an uncluttered mind, the time to ponder, to ask why, to just be. This balanced state allows the flow of creativity to come to you which helps with new ideas, new innovations, a new product, or having the freedom & space to see what direction you want to take next.

Build Your Resilience

We know that rejection, judgement & challenges are unavoidable in business. And if you take these things personally, it can shake the earth you stand on & bring up insecurities about your worthiness, your value, or your intelligence.

However, when you TRULY know who you are, when you TRULY believe that these challenges & external events are NOT a reflection of you, you know how to hit a speed bump & keep going, all while building your resilience & trust in the process. 

Grow Your Connections

Building relationships & having strong connections with people is a huge part of being successful in not just your career but in life as well.

It comes down to how you see & treat yourself. 

 If you don’t feel good enough, deserving, or smart enough these core beliefs will prevent you from attracting meaningful relationships because you are hiding to protect your internal fears of inferiority.

True connection & respect from others comes from being bold, open, approachable, always wanting to grow & learn, and seeing everyone equally.

Career Performance Coaching

with Jen Rieder

Please take the time to fill out the information below and I will be in touch soon to have a chat about how I can help you.

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