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I have been working with Jen for a few months both one on one and now just through the online course. When I started I was feeling overwhelmed and desperately needing some peace in my life.

This morning I was just reflecting on how peaceful I was feeling. For me the biggest learnings have been letting go of the need for external validation, being able to make decisions that align with my core values (it is crazy how out of alignment with my core values my life was) and realizing how many opportunities I have (but wasn’t seeing) for fulfilment in my life.

I have been looking back on some goals that I set with Jen a while ago and ticking them off my list. A few months ago they seemed so huge and almost insurmountable, but now I realize that they were always within my power and I just had to get started and have some belief in myself.

What I have enjoyed the most is the level of self-awareness that I have developed, this has given me so much respect for myself which allows me to set boundaries and put myself first.

—  Annette Woodroffe, Lawyer