Client Testimonials

At breaking point to feeling loveable!

"SERIOUSLY, I felt like I was at complete rock bottom when I started it was like I tried everything and was at breaking point. I hated myself, I hated my life, I was like when am I going to finally change and get ahead! I had exhausted every option apart from your work, your approach, and your therapy!! I was thinking this is your last bloody chance! Do it for yourself! Then at least you can say you tried everything!!!


I took a chance and look what has happened!! LOOK! So many amazing things! I now see why it was so hard for me before to make good decisions and what’s best for me!!! Why I was in circles always struggling!

Now I see with your help that I can make better choices and decisions that make me feel much better and stressfree! Gosh, it’s amazing to think you can get anything you want and do anything with your life! You just have to have a plan, purpose, and believe you can!

I ACTUALLY FEEL LOVEABLE and worthy of it all now!!! I see so much clearer now!

Everyone has noticed so many changes in me!!! But that’s just the bonus!! I just respond so much better! No lying or covering up, I'm not embarrassed by anything, I am now just being honest, truthful and showing up for myself. Can’t believe how far I have come and once again only the beginning!

ALL YOUR WORK, THERAPY, AND YOU AS AN INDIVIDUAL - You are just life-changing and so good at what you do!

I am so so happy I trusted the process and did this!! I remember messaging you at the start saying “will this work?”. I needed that assurance from you and you gave me the tools, the words, and the language I needed and BOOM here we are!"

PCI Therapy Client

Changes that are massive, scary, and freaking exciting!

"Where to begin, when I met you I was outwardly fine, and inwardly a bit all over the place. I was in a job I wasn't enjoying, a marriage I found challenging, and my confidence was at an all-time low.  I was no longer feeling worthy... of just about anything. In fact, even doing the things I love (CrossFit and Volunteering) I was losing my motivation and enthusiasm.


My friend knew this and asked me to speak to you. I needed to do something - I wanted to feel great about myself. I didn't know the last time I did, in fact, the whole 12 months prior was the most challenging space I'd personally been in, and my self-esteem was at an all-time low.


With PCI therapy you were able to help me move the barriers that were holding me back from change and progression. Allowing me to work out what was important to me, what my intentions are, what my goals and values are, what I am grateful for and why I am worthy.

I am forever grateful to you Jen - I opened my heart and my mind for you to guide me to where I am now:

  1. I have started a new role for an organisation that specifically aligns with my values;

  2. We sold our house and have had the ability to move into an area we have always wanted to move; and

  3. I am fully open to any change that may be put in front of me, including moving to a new gym.


I never used to be open to change, I have mainly lived in the same suburb for over 30 years, I had worked in the same company for almost 9 years - everything I do is usually for a long tenure.  These changes are massive, scary, and freaking exciting.


Gratitude journal, bedtime routine, positive thinking, meditation - I will continue to do this daily practices for the rest of my life.


I hope this is inspiring to someone out there to reach out to Jen for mentoring."


Anna - PCI Therapy Client

So many breakthroughs!

"I just wanted to share with you some of the things you've helped me to realise, breakthrough and manifest over the past year;

  • Breaking through my first money ceilings and realising the abundance of the world! 

  • Breaking through the childhood hurt from my parents break up

  • Installing SO much confidence in me to show up as me 

  • Reaching my $15k savings goal 

  • Finding my true values in life and helping me structure and reflect each quarter with my goals and outlooks

  • Realising I studied to be an accountant only to find I didn't want it and so I created my new job as a consultant!

  • Creating my goals on a quarter-by-quarter basis and realising that I'm smashing them 

  • Releasing the crap I was holding on to about my old schoolteacher and the expectations of myself other people 

  • Embracing the present moment with "don't push the paddle up the stream" 

  • Breaking through the resentment I've been holding on to since before my birth! 

  • Breaking through the limiting beliefs of not fitting in! 

  • Being my teacher and my guide through the spiritual pillar of my life is truly the biggest blessing of all. 

God all these things give me so much joy. There's probably so much more but those are the things that pop to mind haha. I'm so very proud of myself for how far I've come." 

Cayzia - PCI Therapy Client

Lifelong changes!

"Just a few things you have helped me with :) 


Things that have changed for me:


  1. A better understanding of self - mental, physical, emotional & spiritual

  2. Learning to let go of past fears, traumas and not let them define who I am today

  3. Feeling HAPPIER!!

  4. Stopped being so hard on myself and learning to love who I am

  5. Taking risks 

  6. Becoming grateful 

  7. Leaning into becoming the person I want to be 

  8. Learning to say no and not be a people pleaser

  9. Feeling more in-tuned to myself and my body 

  10. Putting myself out there and trying new things without fear

  11. Having FUN!

  12. Letting go of things/people etc that no longer serve me

  13. Looking for new opportunities 

  14. Learning to meditate, sit in stillness, and embracing the silence 

  15. Letting go on perfectionism and learning to make mistakes

  16. Less anxious 

  17. Making decisions more consciously

  18. Learning to care less about others and be more focused on me

  19. Learning to lean into the emotions and feelings and letting them be. Knowing they are temporary and it’s okay to feel how I feel

  20. Learning to be honest and speak up rather than sitting back

You literally have changed my life, I don't think I've felt this in tune with myself. You've made me confront my past and made me realise that I don't have to continue to live there. I can change the narrative!"


Helena - PCI Therapy Client

Overcoming insecurities...

"I could not be more grateful for the journey I have experienced with Jen – I am 47 and have struggled with eating issues, body dysmorphia and a very deep dislike/hatred of myself, and felt that  I was not worth being loved by anyone, for my entire life.  Last year saw a resurgence of my eating disorder, and I no longer had the energy or motivation to exercise my way out of it, and I knew it was time to find the help I needed to break the cycle. 


Earlier this year, I came across Jen via instagram and her messages peaked my interest along with her love of CrossFit. It’s fair to say that I have tried everything to change the way I think and  the way I feel, spent alot of money and have never found “the thing” that has given me the freedom I have needed from the messages and stories in my head, so I was nervous about the investment that I was about to make. 


I spoke with Jen  - I loved that when I expressed  my distrust and concerns, she challenged me, she got to the root of what the actual issues were and has helped free me from the stories and the subconcious conditioning  I was experiencing every day.   It is a journey and doing the work has been incredibly confronting at times.  But my trust in her and the process has changed my life. I am happier, I am more positive and my relationships with my family are only getting better and the eating, food, and body issues have become a non-event as I have the tools to rewrite the stories.


Every day is a blessing – I no longer take the small things for granted and when challenges have come my way, I am able to see them for what they are and find the positives in them.

I can’t explain how amazing it is to be able to be “that person” that is happy and free and enjoying all of the things I have taken for granted in the past. If you had of asked me, if I thought this was possible 6 months ago, I would have said no – but here I am being “that person”.

Amanda - PCI Therapy Client

Redefining who she was...

Words from Jen...

"When this young 20 year-old lady came to me for help she was scared of food, was binge eating, felt constant sadness, felt unworthy of happiness, she didn't like people touching her, she was also a huge people pleaser and couldn't be alone or sit still for more than 10mins. 

Massively under weight, and “labelled” with an eating disorder she felt socially judged which affected what she did, what she said or didn't say, and where she went.  She was constantly doing everything to please other peoples expectations and needs while shutting out & not listening to her own.  

Over 4 months of working together it is safe to say she has come a long way. One of her last pieces of homework was to write down 5 - 10 things that have significantly changed in her life since working together from where she was to where she is now.


I am excited to share with you the 15 things she came back to me with..."

From the client...

15 things that have significantly changed in my life:

  1. No binge eating or restrictive food cycling

  2. Intentional with who I surround myself with - deepening  my friendships 

  3. No anxiety around foods, being confident in myself and my choices 

  4. Increased energy 

  5. Fave meal of the day = breakky / loving breakfast 

  6. Increased strength 

  7. Happier and more positive 

  8. Love every second and aspect of my life - who and how 

  9. Allowing myself rest, being more in tune with myself, my body & it’s needs. Appreciating rest & relaxation, being comfortable with it!

  10. No longer feel ill all the time. I consume exactly what makes me feel good! 

  11. I am the happiest human 

  12. I am honest with myself 

  13. I am always confident in myself now

  14. I show up as the person I am & want to be rather than letting others have an influence or disctate how I feel about myself! 

  15. Actually eating carbs lol 

PCI Therapy Client

When nothing else has worked...

“My 23-year struggle with dysthymia included a history of self-harm and institutionalization. My whole adult life, I thought of myself as a sick, broken person, and believed the condition was chronic.


I tried many medications, counselors, and therapies with little success.  PCI Therapy with Jen gave me the tools I needed to finally take charge of my situation, change my beliefs, and begin to heal. I have a new perspective on my life and health—a great gift to myself that I acquired with Jen’s help.”

Stephen Noakes (PhD) - PCI Therapy Client

Knowing her power!

I have been working with Jen for a few months both one on one and now just through the online course. When I started I was feeling overwhelmed and desperately needing some peace in my life.

This morning I was just reflecting on how peaceful I was feeling. For me the biggest learnings have been letting go of the need for external validation, being able to make decisions that align with my core values (it is crazy how out of alignment with my core values my life was) and realizing how many opportunities I have (but wasn’t seeing) for fulfilment in my life.

I have been looking back on some goals that I set with Jen a while ago and ticking them off my list. A few months ago they seemed so huge and almost insurmountable, but now I realize that they were always within my power and I just had to get started and have some belief in myself.

What I have enjoyed the most is the level of self-awareness that I have developed, this has given me so much respect for myself which allows me to set boundaries and put myself first.

Annette Woodroffe (Lawyer) - PCI Therapy Client

Inspiring the audience

On behalf of the Dynamic Growth Experience New Zealand convenors and Spinal Research, I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Jen for your participation as a speaker for our Champions-themed DGE NZ on Saturday 12th March 2016.


The feedback from DGE NZ has been extremely positive and our delegates were particularly impressed. Thank you for not only speaking but also for sharing your expertise, enthusiasm, and knowledge with our delegates. The event was a huge success and we know that this would not have been such a strong and successful event without you partaking.


Once again, thank you for supporting Spinal Research, for sharing your message, and for inspiring our many delegates to find their inner CHAMPION.

Troy Miles (Australian Spinal Research Foundation) - Speaking Event Client